Australia Post Customer Service

Australia Post Customer Service

Phone number
13 7678

Australia Post Customer Service Overview
Australia Post, which is providing postal services in Australia and its overseas territories, is the trading name and is part of the ‘Australian Postal Corporation’. Australia Post customer service is operating as the government-owned entity that is responsible for the postal services in the country. Australia Post was founded in the year 1809. As of 2013, the organization had 32,732 employees. With its headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria. Australia Post has several subsidiaries as well as joint ventures which include ‘Sai Cheng Logistics International’. Being a government business enterprise, Australia Post is self-funding and is using its assets as well as resources for earning profits that could beĀ reinvested in the businesses.

Services Offered by Australia Post Customer Service
The services being offered by Australia Post customer service can be categorized into the following major groups: (1) Shop: Under this section, you can shop from various products like pack and post (express post, parcel post, registered post, postage stamps, packaging, postage prepaid, flat rate satchels, priority delivery and recycling boxes), gifts and travel (gift cards, visa prepaid card, personalized stamps, Australia Post prepaid TravelSIM, classic collection, household, magazine subscriptions, toys), and stamp and coin collectables. (2) Parcels and mail: This section includes options for sending in Australia, stamps, track your item, sending overseas, packaging, postage calculator, manage your mail, postage tips and guides, MyPost deliveries, and parcel collection. (3) Money and Insurance: This includes prepaid cards, money transfers, insurance, financial services, travel money, and payment services. (4) Travel and ID: This includes passports, prepaid TravelSIM, travel money, postcards app, travel insurance, identity and document services. (5) Business solutions: This includes parcel shipping and couriers, data and marketing services, eCommerce solutions, ID, forms and information management, finance and payments, support and resources, mail and customer communications, and small business solutions.

Contacting Australia Post Customer Service
If you want to contact Australia Post customer service, you can dial 13 POST (13 7678) if you are calling from within Australia or +61 3 8847 9045 if you are calling from overseas. The business account customers could contact the customer service department by calling on 13 11 18. And, if you are calling from overseas and want assistance regarding pack and track international service, dial +61 3 8847 9980.

Tips for Australia Post Customer Service Contact
The Australia Post customer support will be available all across the country between 8 AM and 6 PM from Monday to Friday except for the public holidays.

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