Qantas Australia Customer Service


About Qantas Australia Customer Service
Qantas Airways Limited, which is the Australian airline company is the largest airline company in the country in terms if fleet size, international flights, and also international destinations. After KLM and Avianca, Qantas Australia customer service is the third oldest airline company of the globe. Qantas was established in the year 1920 at Winton, Queensland and the first operations were commenced during the year 1921. It was during the year 1935, that the company started operating international passenger flights. ‘QantasLink’ and ‘Jetconnect’ are the subsidiaries of Qantas Airways and are serving within Australia and New Zealand respectively. The low-cost airline ‘Jetstar’ is also owned by the company and this operates both domestic and international services.

Services Provided by Qantas Australia Customer Service
With Qantas Australia customer service, you can book trips to the following destinations: Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane), Europe (London, Paris, Barcelona), North America (Los Angeles, New York, Las Begas), Africa (Johannesburg), Middle East (Dubai), South America (Santiago, Rio de Janeiro), Asia (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bali) and, New Zealand and South Pacific (Noumea, Nadi, Auckland). The services offered by Qantas include (1) Plan: flight offers, timetables, route maps, travel advice, gifts and travel products, Qantas on mobile, and email suscriptions. (2) Book: flights, activities, gift vouchers, hotels, ski packages, event and holiday packages, cars, cruises, manage your booking, transfers, travel insurance, and restaurants. (3) Fly: flight status, family travel, travel updates, at the airport, travel updates, seat selection, travel classes, baggage, check in, onboard, and specific needs. (4) Other Services: The other services includes plans for frequent flyer and Qantas for business.

Contacting Qantas Australia Customer Service
If you want to contact Qantas Australia customer service for flight booking enquiries for new as well as existing anywhere in Australia, dial 13 13 13 (for flights and Flight Bookings with Points) and 13 12 23 (for Arrivals and Departures). These lines will be open all the 24 hours and seven days in a week. Alternatively, you can send fax to 1800 613 844 (within Australia) and +61 2 9490 1857 (outside Australia). One other option is to send mail to 10 Bourke Road, Mascot NSW 2020.

More Information On Qantas Australia Customer Service Contact
There are specific contacts for the customers when they are looking to reach customer care regarding membership enquiries, flight reward and priority reservations, lost property enquiries, baggage services, other services and Qantas products or website technical support. Those details can be found in the following URL:

Melbourne Airport Customer Service

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport Customer Service Overview
Melbourne Airport customer service, which is owned and operated by ‘Australia Pacific Aiports Private Limited’, is the primary airport that serves the city. This airport, which is also called as ‘Tullamarine Airport’ is known to be the second busiest airport of the country. The operations at Melbourne airport was first started in the year 1970 in order to substitute the operations of ‘Essendon Airport’. This is operating as the only international airport of the Melbourne metropolitan area and is just 23 km from the city centre. The famous air route in Melbourne airport is ‘Melbourne-Sydney’ whic is the third most-travelled air route in the globe.

More About Melbourne Airport Customer Service
During the year 1988, when the Australian Government formed the ‘Federal Airports Corporation’, Melbourne Airport customer service was placed under the operational control of the new corporation together with 21 other airports of Australia. Then, the Melbourne Airport was included in the first phase of privatization plans and was acquired by ‘Australia Pacific Airports Corporation Limited’ for $1.3 billion. Thus, this airport is now categorized as ‘Leased Federal Airport’. At present, Melbourne Airport has four terminals and 56 gates. In this, the terminal 1 is hosting services of Qantas Group airlines, Qantas and QantasLink and the terminal 2 is handling all international and limited domestic flight operations. The terminal 3 is operating Virgin Australia regional airlines while the terminal 4 is dedicated to budget airlines. Of the total 56¬†gates,¬†40 are for domestic services and rest 16 are for international services.

Contacting Melbourne Airport Customer Service
In order to contact Melbourne Airport customer service, call on +61 3 9297 1600 for general enquiries or reception. The fax number for contacting customer service is +61 3 9297 1886. For any community relations enquiries, dial +61 3 9297 1597 and send an e-mail to [email protected]

Tips for Melbourne Airport Customer Service Contact
It is to be noted that the community relations line is only available for the enqiuries regarding planning and development. The enquiries about car parking, lost property and general enquiries will not be taken care by the Community Relations team. For this kind of enquiries, you must contact the reception number mentioned above and complete the feedback form that can be found in the following URL:

JetStar Australia Customer Service


Jetstar Group Background Information
Jetstar is a group of low-cost airline services having its headquarters in Australia. This is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ‘Qantas’ was established during the year 2003 as a value-based domestic subsidiary. With its main base at Melbourne Airport, Jetstar customer service is operating an extensive network and regional as well as international services using ‘Airbus A320’ and ‘Boeing 787 Dreamliner’. The company is currently led by Jayne Hrdlicka. CEOs of the company are David Hall, Barathan Pasupathi, Gerry Turner, Le Hong Ha and Edward Lau. Since the launch, the Jetstar customer service has flown over 140 million passengers. Today, the company is providing employment to over 7,000 across Asia Pacifc region.

Looking Deeper Into Jetstar Group
The Jetstar customer service includes Jetstar Airways which is based in Australia and New Zealand. As mentioned earlier, this is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qantas. Next one in this group is Jetstar Asia Airways that is based in Singapore being managed by Newstar Holdings. The major part of this is owned by Westbrook Investments and the remaining by Qantas Group. In addition to these, Jetstar customer service also includes Jetstar Pacific Airlines that is based in Vietnam. A major part of this is owned by Vietnam Airlines. Jetstar Japan is a joint venture of Qantas Group, Japan Airlines, Mitsubishi and Century Tokyo. Lastly, Jetstar Hong Kong Airways is a joint venture of Shun Tak Holdings, Qantas Group and China Eastern Airlines.

Contacting Jetstar Australia Customer Service
In order to contact Jetstar customer service, you can call to (613) 9645 5999 131 538. For any enquiries about baggage services, the contact number is 1800 687 374, for Jetstar Mastercard and Jetstar Platinum Mastercard, the number to contact will be 1300 150 100, for Qantas frequent flyer information, call to 13 11 31 and for all Jetstar Travel Card enquiries, call 1300 013 800.

Tips for Contacting Jetstar Customer Service
It is to be noted that you can contact Jetstar customer service 24 hours a day all the seven days. Also, free skype calls available from anywhere in the world. If your MasterCard, Platinum MasterCard or Travel Card is stolen, you can call to the same numbers that are given to the respective cards. For any other queries, you can contact Jetstar Reservations. Also, remember that, if you want your problem to be properly investigated, it is advisable to submit your feedback using Jetstar’s online feedback form. If you are not able to submit the online form, you can even mail a typed letter with all the details of your case to the following address:
Jetstar Customer Care
GPO Box 635
Sunshine VIC 3020

Emirates Customer Service


Emirates History and Background
Emirates which continues to be an active participant in global aviation policy debates started its first operation during the year 1959. The success story of Emirates customer service is interlinked with the development of Dubai. As we all know, Dubai is a supporter of open skies having more than 150 international airlines flying to its airport, Emirates too doesn’t fall under any alliance. It is to be noted that the Emirates Airline business model is an independent as well as self-sustainable one. Thus, Emirates customer service could evolve into an internationally influential travel and tourism conglomerate established around the planet for its commitment to the high standards of quality in all the aspects of the aviation business.

Special Features of Emirates Travel
One can just say ‘The Emirates Experience’ because of the comfort levels offered by the Emirates customer service during your flight. The fleet of Emirates customer service is one among the youngest in the world meaning that you can experience the utmost comfort no matter you are seated in the cabin. In addition, the signature lounges offered by the Emirates would make sure that you are freshened up even before your flight. Some other features that spice up the flight journey are the special meals that are offered for young flyers, complimentary Chauffeur-drive for first class and business class passengers in over 70 cities and entertainment system, ice offering more than 2000 channels in various languages.

Emirates Australia Customer Service Contact
For information on flights, Chauffeur-drive, Dubai Stopovers and any other Emirates services related questions, please call +61 1300 303 777. If you have already done a hotel reservation through by using the service offered by the partner company, Tourico, you can call +61 7 3123 6017. For car hire related queries, you can call +61 286078301. This is the service that is being offered by another partner company called ‘CarTrawler’. For any general enquiries on travel insurance policy, call +1 800 039 506. Alternatively, you need to request an insurance claim, call +60 327 725 531.

Tips for Emirates Australia Contact
While trying to contact Emirates customer service Australia, remember that, Tourico will not answer your queries regarding the hotels booked through a ‘Dubai stopover package’, ‘Dubai Connect’ or any other Emirates services. And, your CarTrawler will not answer your queries regarding the Chauffeur-drive services and any other Emirates services. It is to be noted that except for Melbourne and Sydney, the Emirates customer service will be working from Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 with Saturday and Sunday being closed. For Melbourne, it is daily three hours before flight departure and for Sydney, it is daily two and half hours before flight departure.