St George Bank Opening Hours

St. George Bank

Internet & Phone Banking
Banking has turned 360 degrees in the last decade. Before we all use to neglect going to the bank as it was a hassle to do transactions and get customer support. The long lines and the waiting house was something of a turn off. But today the banking service has faced major change in its working process. Gone are the days of traditional banking and now comes the new age virtual banking. When we say virtual banking it means either by the phone or internet, and to support this service St. George bank has an internet banking helpline that is1300 555 203. The St. George Bank opening hours for this helpline is 8 am to 8 pm AEST.

Business Banking Online
Due to the banking evolution over the past few years the business banking has also changed for the good. Banking and finance are a crucial part of any company whether it’s big or small. Companies now a day have taken business banking online as well. This provides them the easy and convenience to go ahead with their day to day business activities without wasting their time in going to the bank every day. St George Bank has a business banking helpline which provides assistance to the customer using this facility online. The contact number is 1300 554 004. The St George Bank opening hours for this helpline is 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on the weekends.

Automotive Finance
This is a very common service provided by banks today. Financial management and consultancy is very important in running any project whether individually head or held by a group. The St George bank provides a helpline only to assist customers that use its automotive finance service. The St George bank opening hours for this helpline is different them the others. The contact number for this team is 1300 301 315. They can be contacted between Monday to Friday and the St George bank opening hours for it are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Sydney time.

Branch / ATM Locater
Nothing is easier than finding a bank’s branch. All the information is available these days online which makes it easy for the customers to search it. St George bank has a branch and ATM locater which helps you locate the nearest one around you. The store locater can be accessed by clicking this link The St George bank opening hours for its branches are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. On the other hand the ATM opening hours is 24×7. The ATM fecality is available very minute of the day to provide you convenience.

QBE Insurance Customer Service

QBE Insurance

QBE Insurance Customer Service Overview
QBE Insurance, which is the largest global insurer of Australia was founded in the year 1886. This insurance company, which has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia is providing insurance services mainly in the regions of Australia, America, European countries and Asia Pacific. The QBE Insurance Group Limited was formed as a result of the merger of the following companies: Queensland Insurance, Bankers’ and Traders’ Insurance Company and Equitable Life and General Insurance Company. As of 2015, QBE Insurance has a total number of 17000 employees in almost 38 countries across the globe. During the year 2012, QBE Insurance gained a spot in the list of the ‘World’s Top General Insurers’.

Services Provided by QBE Insurance Customer Service
The services provided by the QBE Insurance customer service can be broadly categorized as personal and business. The services available for personal insurance customers include car and vehicle insurance options for car, CTP, insurance box, boat, caravan and motorcycle; home insurance options for home, contents, home and contents, landlord, owner builder and portable contents; and travel insurance options for international travel, annual multi-trip, Australian travel, cancellation and expenses and emergency assistance. The business insurance options available are for business liability, commercial motors, commercial packages, CTP, professional liability, property, workers and specialist insurance (aviation, construction, farm, marine, surety and trade credit).

QBE Insurance Customer Service
For any general assistance regarding personal and business insurance, you could call QBE Insurance customer service department at 133 723 between 8 AM and 8 PM AEST from Monday to Friday and between 8 AM and 5 PM AEST on Saturday. For claims, payments, locations, contacts by product, financial hardship, and feedback, you can visit the personal insurance contact us page or business insurance contact us page. For any complaints, you can call at 1300 650 503 or fax at (02) 8227 8594. The e-mail address for sending complaints is [email protected] One more option to contact QBE Insurance customer service is to use the ‘request a call back’ option. You can request a call back from the customer service team by clicking here for personal insurance or by clicking here for business insurance.

More About QBE Insurance Customer Service Contact
In addition to the above-mentioned numbers, if you wish to contact the specific persons in the specific product, you can find their information on the contacts by insurance type page. In addition, if you need addresses and/or phone number of various branches and offices of QBE Insurance, you can find them in the branches and offices page.

National Australia Bank Customer Service

National Australia Bank

About National Australia Bank Customer Service
National Australia Bank, which is a financial services organization company is one among the four biggest institutions for financial services in Australia. With more than 12,700,000 customers, this financial services organizations has been ranked 21st in the list of world’s largest banks in terms of market capitalization. National Australia Bank is also ranked 41st biggest bank of the world in terms of total assets (as of 2014). With around 42,000 employees, the National Australia Bank is operating more 1700 stores as well as business banking centres in the world. This bank, which was founded in the year 1893 has its headquarters in Victoria, Australia. National Australia Bank is operating 4578 ATMs across the regions of Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and Asia.

Services Offered by National Australia Bank Customer Service
The services offered by National Australia Bank are as follows: (1) Personal: The personal banking customers can avail the services like transaction accounts, saving accounts, credit cards, internet banking, Visa debit cards, term deposit, home loans, personal loans, insurance (car, home, landlord, travel, credit card, personal loan, home loan and life insurance), superannuation, self-managed super funds, investments, online trading, traveller card, foreign currency and international payments. (2) Business: The business banking customers can avail the services like transaction accounts, savings and deposit accounts, specialized accounts, loans (business, equipment, vehicle, and agri), business cards, eCommerce, recurring payments, online banking, international and foreign exchange, insurance and superannuation.

National Australia Bank Customer Service Contact
There are two options to contact National Australia Bank customer service. One option is to call the customer care team and speak with a customer care representative. For all the general enquiries, you can call 13 22 65. Besides this, there are different numbers given for specific purposes (separate for personal and business banking customers). Those numbers can be found in the following link: This URL also has the links for e-mailing as well.

More About Contacting National Australia Bank Customer Service
Before contacting the customer service department directly, you can see if your query is one among the most popular questions ever asked. Those questions and their answers are available in the contact us page. Also, you are recommended to check the opening hours of the various customer care teams before contacting them.

St. George Bank Customer Service

St. George Bank

St.George Bank Overview
St.George Bank, which is an Australian bank has now become a part of the ‘Westpac Banking Corporation’ group. The St.George bank customer service, which was previously an independent legal entity has signed a merger agreement with Westpac during the year 2008. Primarily, the St.George bank is providing services in New South Wales. In addition, the St.George Bank customer service is also operating in the regions of South Australia as well as in the Northern Territory through its subsidiary. The St.George bank has several retail branches and ATM centers across the country. Currently, some of the back office operations of St.George bank are being carried out in Bangalore, India.

Services Offered by St.George Bank Customer Service
The services offered by St.George bank customer service would fall into three different categories: (1) Personal Banking: The personal customers can avail the facilities like bank accounts (transaction accounts, savings accounts and term deposits), home loans (standard variable rate home loan and fixed rate home loan), credit cards (low rate, rewards card, no annual fee card), personal loans (secured and unsecured), private banking and investments (share trading with direct shares and superannuation). (2) Business Banking: The services that can be availed by business customers are bank accounts (freedom business account, business cheque account and statutory trust account), credit cards (Amplify Business and BusinessVantage), payment solutions (Mobile PayWay, Stand-alone EFTPOS and Integrated EFTPOS) and Business loans (vehicle and equipment finance, small business lending and commercial business lending). (3) Corporate Banking: The corporate banking customers can avail the facilities like business solutions, transaction banking, foreign exchange, travel money card, international solutions (international financial solutions and global solutions) and financial markets (corporate investments and economic reports).

Contacting St.George Bank Customer Service Australia
The personal banking customers could call 13 33 30 for any general enquiries, requesting a cheque book or account information. For contacting internet and phone banking helpdesk, you could call at 1300 555 203. The business banking customers could call 133 800 for the purposes of customer service, account information, business loan and merchant enquiries. For reaching the business banking online helpdesk, you could call 1300 554 004. For any information regarding automotive finance, you could call 1300 301 315 and for reporting a lost or stolen credit card, you could call 1800 028 208. For all other enquiries, you can reach at 13 33 30. The customers calling from overseas could call +61 2 9553 5333 for all the other purposes except for business banking online helpdesk. For this, the overseas customers could call +61 2 98454061.

Tips for Contacting St.George Bank Customer Service
The best time to reach business banking online helpdesk will be 8 AM – 8 PM (Sydney time) from Monday to Friday and 9 AM – 5 PM (Sydney Time) on Saturday. The customer service for automative finance can be reached during 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM (Sydney Time) from Monday to Friday.

Citibank Customer Service

Citibank logo

Citibank Customer Service Background Information
Citibank, which is the consumer division of the ‘Citigroup’ was founded in the year 1812 in the name ‘City Bank of New York’. In Australia, the Citibank customer service was started in the year 1985 and is one among the first foreign banks to gain the banking license in the country. The national headquarters of Citibank Australia is located in Sydney. In addition, the bank has major centres in other locations like Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. The Citibank Australia has provided employment to around 1200 people while the parent company has almost a million customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Services Offered by Citibank Customer Service Australia
The services offered by Citibank customer service Australia would fall into various categories: (1) Banking: The major services in banking section include everyday accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, foreign currency accounts, business banking, term deposit calculator and budget planner. (2) Credit Cards: The credit cards offered by Citibank Australia include Citibank Signature, Platinum, Classic, Clear Platinum, Emirates Citibank World MasterCard and so on. (3) Loans: This includes flexible personal loans and home loans for buying, refinancing and investing. (4) Investments: This includes bonds, managed funds, structured products, term deposits and superannuation. (5) Insurance: This includes insurance for credit, possessions, income, family and travel. (6) Online Banking Products: This includes online banking, mobile banking, eStatements, e-mail/SMS alerts, global transfers and rewards redemption. In addition, there are other facilties like Citi Priority and Citigold being provided by the Citibank customer service Australia to their customers.

Contacting Citibank Customer Service Australia
There are various options to contact Citibank customer service. One way is to use the CitiPhone Banking. In order to know how to get started with CitiPhone, please visit the contact us page in the Citibank Australia website. Next option is to send an e-mail from the same contact us page. There are two different forms like online enquiry and online feedback that can be filled and submitted by the customers. The third option will be to visit the customer care representatives directly at the branch offices. Next option will be to send mail by finding the postal addresses from the contact us page.

Tips for Contacting Citibank Australia
For hardship assistance, one can call 1800 722 879 from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM AEST or send fax to 1800 020 861. The customers who are deaf or with a hearing or speech impairment can make use of accessibility services the details of which can be found in the contact us page of the website.

HSBC Customer Service


HSBC Bank Overview
HSBC Bank, which is a British company has its headquarters in London. This is the fourth largest banking and financial service company of the world whose value of total assets equals $2.67 trillion. The present form (HSBC Holdings plc) of this company was established in the year 1991 by the ‘Hongkog and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited’ from which it started acting as a holding company. In Australia, the company was formerly called as the ‘HongKong Bank of Australia Limited’ which gained a banking license during the year 1986. The HSBC customer service Australia was established as ‘HSBC Finance Company Limited’ during the year 1965 and is a part of the ‘HSBC Group’. Currently, HSBC customer service Australia is one of the leading international banks in the country offering a range of services to their customers.

Services Offered by HSBC Customer Service Australia
The services offered by HSBC customer service Australia are: (1) Personal Banking: The personal banking customers from Australia can be able to avail the services like online banking, credit cards, ATMs, bank accounts (day to day accounts, flexi saver account and savings account), foreign currency accounts, home loans, personal loans, insurance (general, life and travel insurance), investments (online share trading, structured investments), financial assistance and international banking services. (2) Business Banking: The business banking customers will be able to avail the services like business accounts (transaction account, business multi-currency account and business term deposit account), international business services, working capital solutions (business lending, bank guarantees and overdraft facility), trade supply chain (import and export services, international trade finance), internet and phone banking services. (3) Corporate Banking: The corporate banking customers will be able to avail services like corporate accounts (business cheque account, international cash management account, term deposit account, overseas account), corporate finance (working capital finance and corporate loans), debtor finance and treasury services.

Contacting HSBC Customer Service Australia
There are various ways to contact HSBC customer service Australia. The first option is to send an email. The links for sending an email regarding personal banking, HSBC Premier, HSBC business and HSBC corporate are available in the following URL: This link also contains phone numbers for contacting customer care regarding various purposes along with the further contact details like information on branches and ATM locations, head office and links for complaints and feedback.

Tips for Contacting HSBC Customer Service Australia
The time of working hours of the customer care lines will differ between the various categories and the customers are advised to check the opening hours of the department before trying to contact them. The information on working hours will also be available in the contact us page.

Westpac Bank Customer Service

Westpac Bank

Westpac Customer Service Background Information
Westpac, which is an Australian bank, has its headquarters in Sydney. Westpac customer service is also involved in providing financial services to their customers. This bank is ranked among the four big banks of Australia and has about 12.2 million customers as of November 2011. The Westpac bank has the largest branch network in the country with around 1200 branches and over 2900 ATMs. In Australia, the Westpac is the second biggest in terms of assets. In NewZealand too, the bank has achieved its position as the second largest bank. In January 2015, it was announced by the ‘Bank of South Pacific’ that it has made an agreement for acquiring the banking operations of Westpac for 125 million Australian dollars.

Services Offered by Westpac Bank Australia
The general services offered by Westpac customer service are opening bank accounts with Westpac, apply for home loans, credit cards and personal loans. Not only these, one can also avail the services like insurance, superannuation, financial planning and share trading. In addition to these facilities, the services offered by the bank can be categorized into three special categories: (1) Personal: All the services that were mentioned above can be availed in this. (2) Business: When it comes to business, Westpac is offering services like bank accounts, merchant services, saving accounts, credit cards, international trade, business loans and equipment finance. (3) Corporate: In the corporate zone, Westpac is offering solutions like debt markets, transactional banking, international trade, foreign exchange, commercial cards, commodities, carbon and energy. Furthermore, one can start trading shares, compare savings account, avail refinancing, start a business, receive payments, access industry-specific banking and online banking facilities from the Westpac customer service.

Contacting Westpac Customer Service Australia
The best way to contact Westpac customer service is through your phone. There are various numbers available for different types of customers. For personal customers with general enquiries, the number is 132 032. For those with questions regarding online and mobile banking, the number is 1300 655 505. The personal customers calling from overseas can use (+61 2) 9293 9270 to reach the customer service. For business customers with general enquiries, the number is 132 142. For those with questions regarding online and mobile banking, the number is 1300 655 505. The business customers calling from overseas can use (+61 2) 9293 9270 to reach the customer service. For contacting online corporate technical support, you can call 1300 134 291 and if you are calling from overseas, you can use (+61 2) 9374 7237 to reach the customer service.

Tips for Westpac Australia Customer Care
The customer care centers for personal customers are open between 8 AM and 8 PM all the seven days in a week while the self-service telephone banking is available 24/7. For more personal banking contacts, click here. The customer care centers for business customers are open between 8 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday while the self-service telephone banking is available 24/7. For more business banking contacts, click here.

Bank of America Customer Service


Bank of America Overview
Bank of America is a multinational banking as well as financial service corporation and is the second largest bank holding company in the US in terms of assets. Bank of America has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the year 2010, Bank of America was listed as the third largest company of the world by Forbes. It is the Merrill Lynch acquisition by Bank of America during the year 2008 which made it the world’s largest wealth management corporation. This acquisition also made Bank of America a major player in the investment banking market. In the US, Bank of America customer service is among the four big banks along with Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo. The history of this corporation can be dated back to 1904 with the establishment of Bank of Italy by Amadeo Giannini.

Bank of America Operations
The largest division of the Bank of America corporation is the consumer banking. Through this, the company is offering financial services to consumers and small businesses. The consumer banking organization of Bank of America includes more than 5800 retail branches and more than 18000 ATMs all over the US. Bank of America is the part of ‘Global ATM Alliance’ which is a joint venture of multiple banks across the globe. After the acquisition of Merrill Lynch, Bank of America is now offering banking as well as brokerage products. There are also some saving programs like Add it Up and Keep the Change offered by the bank. The bank of America corporation has one of the biggest research teams on Wall Street. Being an international wealth and investment management firm, the corporation is managing the assets of individual persons as well as institutions. Bank of America has completed another important acquisition during the year 2005 by acquiring a 9% stake in ‘China Construction Bank’.

Contacting Bank of America Customer Service Australia
The e-mail address to contact Bank of America customer service is [email protected] In Australia, the Bank of America customer service can be reached at three different locations. For Melbourne, the phone number is +61 3 9659 2222. For Sydney, the phone number is +61 2 9225 6500 and for Perth, the number is +61 8 9488 7500.

Tips for Bank of America Customer Service Contact
For any assistance regarding the credit cards, loans and consumer banking accounts, customers are advised to visit the Bank of America main website.

Paypal Australia Customer Service


PayPal Customer Service Overview
PayPal customer service, which was founded in the year 1998, continues to be the leader in the digital payment revolution. The company was able to complete the processing of about four billion payments last year. Of these, around one billion payments were made through the mobile devices. The company is offering the customers better ways to connect with each other and access their money safely. Today, PayPal has around 173 million active customer accounts and is led by Dan Schulman. He is the President and CEO of the company. Being a true global payment platform, Paypal customer service is available to the people in 203 markets thus enabling the customers to get payments in over 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 57 currencies and hold balances in 26 currencies.

Services Offered by PayPal Customer Service
PayPal services can be classified into four categories: (1)Buy: You can use your PayPal account and pay on eBay, pay on websites or pay on the go. (2) Sell: You can use your PayPal account and get paid on your website, email an invoice, get paid on the go, requesting money or get paid in your app. (3) Send: You can make use of your PayPal account to send money in a few clicks. (4) Business: PayPal can be used for business in various ways like getting paid on your website, adding PayPal to your site, sending invoices, getting paid in person, getting a business loan and getting paid in your app. For using PayPal services, all you have to do is to sign up to PayPal with the e-mail address and create a password. Then, you need to add your bank accounts, credit and debit cards.

Contacting PayPal Customer Service Australia
If you are willing to contact PayPal customer service Australia, you can either use ‘Call us’ or ‘Email us’ option after logging into your PayPal account with the registered email and password. The toll-free phone number to contact PayPal customer service Australia is 1800 073 263. Alternatively, you can also call at +61 2 8223 9500. For using, emailing option, click on the following link:

Tips for Contacting PayPal Customer Care Australia
In Australia, PayPal service hours are from Monday to Friday: 6 AM to 10 PM EST and Saturday/Sunday: 8 AM to 7 PM EST. If you send an e-mail, the customer care team will try to get back to you within 24 hours.