Telstra Mobile customer service

Telstra Mobile Customer Service Background Information
Telstra Mobile is a division of Telstra Corporation Limited which is the largest telecommunications and media company in Australia. Currently, Telstra Mobile is the country’s largest mobile telephone service providers when we consider bothe subscriptions as well as coverage. The company is operating the country’s biggest GSM as well as 3G UMTS mobile telephony networks while holding a 50% stake in ‘3GIS Ltd 2100 MHz UMTS network infrastructure’. During the year 2007, the number of mobile subscribers in Telstra mobile crossed nine million. The company has the pride of being the country’s first digital mobile network, which was launched in the year 1993 as ‘Telstra MobileNet Digital’. The company’s first mobile telephony services were initiated in the year 1981 in Australia.

Products Available in Telstra Mobile Customer Service
Under Telstra Mobile customer services, there is a range of products available. In the mobile phones category, we can find featured phones, and pre-paid phones (include smart phones, basic phones, SIM starter kits. The elements that are claimed to make Telstra Mobile standout in the market are the plans and rates, features, services, apps, pre-paid, wearables, coverage and networks and international roaming services. In the mobile plans category, one can choose from BYO phone plans, mobiles on a plan and casual SIM only plans. Other special features of Telstra Mobile are add-ons for your plan, great value deals to get you started, plus packs, pack more internet, Telstra mobile protect, Message2Txt, Telstra Air (Wi-Fi network), mobile satellite and satellite broadband, and Telstra 24 X 7 App.

Contacting Telstra Mobile Customer Service
If you have any questions regarding Telstra mobiles, you can start a live chat with the Telstra Mobile customer service representative, by clicking on the following link: https://livechat.telstra.com/TCOM:Mobile:Default. This is a 24 X 7 chat facility that is open for the customers all the time. Another option to contact Telstra Mobile customer service is to call on 1800 676 642. For information on feedback and complaints, visit the following link: https://www.telstra.com.au/contact-us/feedback-complaints.

Tips for Telstra Mobile Customer Service Contact
Telstra mobile customer service is also providing a multi-lingual customer service by using which a non-English speaking customer can speak with a customer service representative. The phone numbers for different languages are available in the following link: https://www.telstra.com.au/contact-us/multilingual-services.