eBay Customer Service

eBay Customer Service

Phone number
1800 322 928

eBay Customer Service Overview
eBay is the place where you can buy/sell new or used products may it be an ordinary product or a luxurious product. This is a one-stop online shop for all your buying and selling needs. During this overview, we can find that this online marketplace has 159 million active buyers, 800 million live listings and 291 million app downloads. The mission of eBay customer service is to create opportunities through ‘Connected Commerce’ that is powered by technology and is open to everyone across the globe. eBay was first founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. This American e-commerce company now has operations localized in more than thirty countries.

Services Offered by eBay
eBay , which is well-established as being one of the world’s most important online marketplace is also falling in the ‘Top 10 Global Retail Brand’. Besides, just being as a platform for buying/selling goods, the company gives an opportunity to the entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. In addition, the company is actively participating to bring the much-needed change to the environment through their Social Innovation Centers. These centers work on the aspects of ‘Powering Giving’ and ‘Enabling Greener Commerce’. The other businesses of eBay customer service include eBay Classifieds Group’ and ‘StubHub’.

eBay Customer Service Australia Contact
For contacting eBay customer service Australia, just click on the ‘contact us‘ link from which you will be taken to the contact page directly. In this page, you may be asked to sign in by entering your account information. Then, you can select the choice from the list for contacting the eBay customer service. The options include: ‘call us’, ‘call me’, ‘chat with us’ and ‘e-mail us’.

Tips for eBay Australia Contact
The eBay customer service offers phone support for most issues. While using call us option, one must ensure that he/she is using the phone number as well as PIN correctly. It is to be noted that there are different phone numbers for contacting the different customer service teams. The customer service requests that this phone number shouldn’t be shared with others. In order to use the ‘call me’ option, you will be asked to verify the phone number through which you need to be contacted. As such the phone numbers are to be entered as ten digits including the ‘0’.When someone wants to contact the customer service, he/she must provide as much details as possible including date of purchase, item number, user IDs and so on.

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4 Responses to eBay Customer Service

  1. Elaine Bacic says:

    Where is the help when you need it !!!!!

  2. 123mckern says:

    Recently there has been a trend to abuse the option to send the customer a “Question” The sellers are abusing the system by sending useless “questions” designed to urge the buyer to give them good feedback.
    The “Question” is not a question at all, and is purely a sneaky method of pressuring the buyer to give them good feedback. I do not need useless emails cluttering my inbox! I am very tempted to respond with bad feedback! I have flagged the offending messages in my message list.
    Could you please deter these sellers from using this dodgy practice.
    Thank you! 123mckern

  3. Jason Young says:

    Please re-Install my PayPal account. Guak934

  4. Barry D Gray says:

    We wish to determine whether seller duoduobox ( Hong Kong) we believe cab supply a ‘ car Bluewater temperature gauge joint pipe sensor radiator ad apter pipe size 32mm I’d.
    The eBay add ref 49305 is the unit but a differet pipe size.
    I have an account with you.

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