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Hotmail Customer Service

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Hotmail Customer Service Overview
Hotmail (now is a web-based e-mail service provided by Microsoft for free of cost. This is one among the first webmail services of the world which was founded in the year 1996. The Hotmail customer service has its headquarters in Sunnyvale and its founders were Sabeer Bhatia along with Jack Smith in California. During the year 1997, the software giant Microsoft acquired Hotmail for $400 million and was renamed and launched as ‘MSN Hotmail’. This was again renamed as ‘Windows Live Hotmail’ at a later point of time. It was during the year 2013 that the hotmail was replaced by ‘’. This follows ‘Metro design language’ and is more or less similar to the Microsoft Outlook interface.

Features of Hotmail Customer Service
Like the other major e-mail services, Hotmail ( is making use of Ajax techniques of programming and is supporting major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and many more. The most attractive features of include the promise of users’ privacy which is especially targeted towards the privacy practices of Gmail. Another important feature of is ‘active view’ which would enable the users to directly interact with the contents as well as functionality within their e-mail messages. In addition, is providing a partner platform that would allow contents and functionality from other websites/services. Next important features of are the Windows Live Calendar, a time management application and Office online integration. Besides these, is coming with the features like people (contacts management service, Skype integration, Sweep, Quick views and one-click filters and Aliases).

Contacting Hotmail Customer Service Australia
The best way to contact Hotmail customer service Australia and get instant help from a Hotmail support staff, you can call on +61 02 42048037. This is toll free number and one can use this number for getting any instant help regarding your hacked hotmail account or for sorting out any difficulties in resetting your Hotmail password. This number can also be used for solving any issues concerning wiht suspicious usage of account, getting incorrect message, unable to send or receive messages from Hotmail, contact list error, technical and troubleshoot issues or delivery status notification error. Alternatively, you can also send an e-mail to [email protected]

Tips for Contacting Hotmail Customer Service Australia
The above mentioned Hotmail customer service number is specifically for Australian customers and can be reached only from Australia. The Hotmail support technicians will be available on this number from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM (Brisbane time).

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