Ikea Australia Customer Service

Ikea Australia Customer Service

Phone number
03 9565 8000

IKEA Australia Customer Service Background
IKEA, which is a multinational group of companies was founded in the year 1943 in Sweden. The company was founded by Ingvar Kamprad and the acronym IKEA came out of his name and identity – Ingavar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, which was the farm where he was brought up, and Agunnaryd, the name of his hometown in South Sweden. The company has its headquarters Delft, Netherlands, but it provides services in the regions of Europe, Asia, North America, Oceania, Africa, and Atlantic. At present, IKEA group is operating in 43 countries and there are about 328 storres in 28 countries as of August 2015. Apart from this, the company has 27 trading service offices, 33 distribution centres, 15 customer distribution centres, and 43 industry production units across the globe.

Product Range Offered by IKEA Australia Customer Service
The products offered by IKEA Australia customer service can be broadly classified into following categories: (1) Kitchen: Includes kitchen cabinets and fronts, METOD interior fittings, appliances, modular kitchens, kitchen benchtops, METOD kitchen taps and sinks, wall storage, wall panels, kitchen islands and trolleys, step stools and ladders, integrated lighting, pantry, knobs and handles. (2) Cooking: Includes pots, pans, food storage, bakeware, utensils, knives, chopping boards, ovenware, textiles, mixing and measuring tools, and dish-washing accessories. (3) Dining: Includes dining tables, dining chairs, dining sets, dining storage, bar tables and chairs, stools and benches, cafe furniture, highchairs, and junior chairs. (4) Tableware: Includes dinnerware, glassware and jugs, table linen, napkins and napkin holders, cutlery, serveware, and baby and children’s tableware. (5) Outdoor: Outdoor dining, lounging and relaxing furniture, cushions, decorative lighting, parasols and gazebos, pots and plants, flooring, barbeques, and textiles. (6) Other Products: Includes all the utilities for your bathroom, bedroom and living room, and children’s furniture.

Reaching IKEA Australia Customer Service
If you want to reach IKEA Australia customer service, dial 03 9565 8000 (Victoria), 02 8020 6641 (Australian Capital Territory/New South Wales) or 07 3380 6800 (Queensland). Alternatively, you can start a live chat with an IKEA representative by using the IKEA Chat service or by sending an e-mail with send us an email service.

Tips for Contacting IKEA Australia Customer Service
The IKEA Chat facility can be used for chatting online with an IKEA representative only between 9 AM and 5 PM every day. When web chat is closed, you can send an e-mail which will be answered within 48 hours.

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  1. Mick Poppelock says:

    Good afternoon,
    I need to serve an application for a civil claims list (VCAT) for a warranty claim which has not been settled to my satisfaction.
    Can you supply me with a direct contact who I can refer this matter too please?

  2. gary meyer says:

    north lakes needs to go back into the ikea family.its not like any other ikea in the world it must be run by a junior african

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