iPrimus Customer Service

iPrimus Customer Service

Phone number
1300 85 44 85

About iPrimus Customer Service
iPrimus, which is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Australia was established in the year 1997. This is a wholly owned subsidiary of ‘M2 Group’ and is mainly focusing on fixed mobile as well as broadband services. ‘Primus Telecom’ was the first telecommunications company to gain a license upon introduction of complete deregulation and competition in the country during the year 1997. The company has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Currently, iPrimus is operating its own fibre network in five major capital cities of the country and has around 500 employees.

Products of iPrimus Customer Service
The products that are being offered by iPrimus customer service can be categorized as follows: (1) Broadband: The products under this category include Broadband ADSL plans, fibre broadband, mobile broadband, NBN wireless, naked DSL plans, ADSl broadband and home, phone bundles and hardware. (2) Mobile: The products in this category are no worries plans, handsets, international roaming, mobile call rates, coverage maps and mobile insurance. (3) NBN & Fibre: The products under this category include fibre phone and broadband, NBN rollout map, fibre voice, NBN wireless and National Broadband Network. (3) Telephone: The products here include home phone plans, calls to satellite phones, international calls, long distance calls and value added services. (4) Other Services: The other services that are being provided by iPrimus include VoIP, Unmetered data, TiVO, broadband topups, Static IP, WebTXT and iProtect internet protection.

Contacting iPrimus Customer Service
In order to contact iPrimus customer service, call on 1300 85 44 85. Alternatively, you can send a fax to 1300 85 58 58 or send an e-mail to [email protected] There is also an option to send online contact request the link for which can be found in the contact page. In order to talk about the iPrimus services, you can fill a form that is available in the contact page and submit or call at 1300 85 85 85.

Tips for Contacting iPrimus Customer Service
The iPrimus customer service could be reached between 9 AM and 6 PM (AEDT) from Monday to Friday. There is also an option for Live Chat with a customer care representative. The Live Chat box can be found in the right side of all the pages in iPrimus website. And, it is to be noted that there are various phone numbers and e-mail addresses available for different purposes and they can be found in the contact page.

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5 Responses to iPrimus Customer Service

  1. Ursula Nordmann says:

    Very bad service, actually no service at all. My landline has been defect for more than 12 days. I am elderly, on a Mepac machine for emergencies when sick. I was only given a 1800 and 1300 number to ring to find out about the progress of my claim. How can I do this without a landline, they must be joking. I cannot afford mobile calls, I only use the mobile for texting and receiving calls from others. I have been with Primus since 2007 when I first got the internet, seriously considering changing to another provider.

    • Graham Peel says:

      been out of internet, voip over last 7 days have used up $100 dollars on my mobile, because of the runaround they say that the nbn modem is ok but windows state that there is no modem or broadband connection I have asked for a new modem to be sent to me, back to the runaround, I have even offered to pay for the new modem, back to the run around.I then asked to speak to the shift adviser no joy( did not come on line.) I have been with iprimus since 2005.
      I will ring them on Monday (office) if no joy, I think dodo is looking good

  2. Mrs Kate Rowe says:

    I have a problem with my landline phone not working and unable to make contact on my mobile phone with the 1800 and 1300 numbers. We have an elderly mother who lives a long distance away it is vital if she needs to contact us we need to have our landline service asap.

  3. Marco Di Zio says:

    I must say that I am very disappointed with this whole process of having the NBN connected. You made promises that you cannot keep, you made statements you cannot substantiate (overdue account….what account???) and then you set time limits which you do not follow (30 Business days which turned out to be 7). So thank you, I am so glad that I found out how un-customer service related you are.

  4. Manjit Bhatia says:

    Don’t trust a single word iPrimus tells you. Not one. They’re liars who are only interested in your money but f**k-all in terms of providing even the remotest of decent service. And yet these morons boast their service guarantee, which, from experince of having been with these clowns for eight years, proves to be no better than horse-sh*t. I asked iPrimus, being out of contract with them for some time now, if I could suspend my service whilst I am abroad from end January 2017 until beginning May 2017. Why pay for something you’re not using. User-pays, right? Rubbish. I was told a flat “no”. It’s not something they do, they say, because — and get this — their system isn’t equipped to do that sort of thing. Yet if you miss a monthly payment or two your account is automatically suspended. That can be done! Then I was offered no-payment of one month’s service on the condition that I sign up to a 24-month contract. I don’t know what you’d call it but I call it extortion or ransom. iPrimus is, like Energy Australia, a bunch of bungling morons and idiots who couldn’t run a corner shop any more than Malcolm “Innovation” Turnbull could. No wonder this country is slipping towards Third World standards. The attitude stinks to hell.

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