JetStar Australia Customer Service

JetStar Australia Customer Service

Phone number
(613) 9645 5999

Jetstar Group Background Information
Jetstar is a group of low-cost airline services having its headquarters in Australia. This is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ‘Qantas’ was established during the year 2003 as a value-based domestic subsidiary. With its main base at Melbourne Airport, Jetstar customer service is operating an extensive network and regional as well as international services using ‘Airbus A320’ and ‘Boeing 787 Dreamliner’. The company is currently led by Jayne Hrdlicka. CEOs of the company are David Hall, Barathan Pasupathi, Gerry Turner, Le Hong Ha and Edward Lau. Since the launch, the Jetstar customer service has flown over 140 million passengers. Today, the company is providing employment to over 7,000 across Asia Pacifc region.

Looking Deeper Into Jetstar Group
The Jetstar customer service includes Jetstar Airways which is based in Australia and New Zealand. As mentioned earlier, this is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qantas. Next one in this group is Jetstar Asia Airways that is based in Singapore being managed by Newstar Holdings. The major part of this is owned by Westbrook Investments and the remaining by Qantas Group. In addition to these, Jetstar customer service also includes Jetstar Pacific Airlines that is based in Vietnam. A major part of this is owned by Vietnam Airlines. Jetstar Japan is a joint venture of Qantas Group, Japan Airlines, Mitsubishi and Century Tokyo. Lastly, Jetstar Hong Kong Airways is a joint venture of Shun Tak Holdings, Qantas Group and China Eastern Airlines.

Contacting Jetstar Australia Customer Service
In order to contact Jetstar customer service, you can call to (613) 9645 5999 131 538. For any enquiries about baggage services, the contact number is 1800 687 374, for Jetstar Mastercard and Jetstar Platinum Mastercard, the number to contact will be 1300 150 100, for Qantas frequent flyer information, call to 13 11 31 and for all Jetstar Travel Card enquiries, call 1300 013 800.

Tips for Contacting Jetstar Customer Service
It is to be noted that you can contact Jetstar customer service 24 hours a day all the seven days. Also, free skype calls available from anywhere in the world. If your MasterCard, Platinum MasterCard or Travel Card is stolen, you can call to the same numbers that are given to the respective cards. For any other queries, you can contact Jetstar Reservations. Also, remember that, if you want your problem to be properly investigated, it is advisable to submit your feedback using Jetstar’s online feedback form. If you are not able to submit the online form, you can even mail a typed letter with all the details of your case to the following address:
Jetstar Customer Care
GPO Box 635
Sunshine VIC 3020

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