Paypal Australia Customer Service

Paypal Australia Customer Service

Phone number
1800 073 263

PayPal Customer Service Overview
PayPal customer service, which was founded in the year 1998, continues to be the leader in the digital payment revolution. The company was able to complete the processing of about four billion payments last year. Of these, around one billion payments were made through the mobile devices. The company is offering the customers better ways to connect with each other and access their money safely. Today, PayPal has around 173 million active customer accounts and is led by Dan Schulman. He is the President and CEO of the company. Being a true global payment platform, Paypal customer service is available to the people in 203 markets thus enabling the customers to get payments in over 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 57 currencies and hold balances in 26 currencies.

Services Offered by PayPal Customer Service
PayPal services can be classified into four categories: (1)Buy: You can use your PayPal account and pay on eBay, pay on websites or pay on the go. (2) Sell: You can use your PayPal account and get paid on your website, email an invoice, get paid on the go, requesting money or get paid in your app. (3) Send: You can make use of your PayPal account to send money in a few clicks. (4) Business: PayPal can be used for business in various ways like getting paid on your website, adding PayPal to your site, sending invoices, getting paid in person, getting a business loan and getting paid in your app. For using PayPal services, all you have to do is to sign up to PayPal with the e-mail address and create a password. Then, you need to add your bank accounts, credit and debit cards.

Contacting PayPal Customer Service Australia
If you are willing to contact PayPal customer service Australia, you can either use ‘Call us’ or ‘Email us’ option after logging into your PayPal account with the registered email and password. The toll-free phone number to contact PayPal customer service Australia is 1800 073 263. Alternatively, you can also call at +61 2 8223 9500. For using, emailing option, click on the following link:

Tips for Contacting PayPal Customer Care Australia
In Australia, PayPal service hours are from Monday to Friday: 6 AM to 10 PM EST and Saturday/Sunday: 8 AM to 7 PM EST. If you send an e-mail, the customer care team will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

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44 Responses to Paypal Australia Customer Service

  1. Jonathon Hopton says:

    I cannot use your service as I have tried for two hours to reset my password to no avail . You have no human contact and I wish to speak to a competent human.

  2. Jonathon Hopton says:

    Is anyone will to help me?

  3. Mark Cartledge says:

    I am in Tasmania Australia and am trying to set up a new payPal account but their is a problem within your suburb and state/territory field, I live in Bagdad Tasmania postcode 7030, in your field Bagdad is spelt Baghdad,which is wrong therefore I get this message “we cant verify your address”, also when I enter my mobile number the 0 on the end disappears, can someone Please let me know how I can proceed with this !.
    can someone Please get back to me asap.
    Thanks and Regards

  4. Henri Hams says:

    Have been with Pay pal for many year Email address is correct
    but Iam unable to type in pass word Its lost or changed.
    Would like to purchase on Ebay.
    Your help is appreciated

  5. JAN says:

    Can not sign into PayPal. I think it’s locked.

  6. Vivien Deighton says:


    I have been holding on now for 35 minutes listening to minutes. Where are you guys! This service now is really lacking. Today for some strange reason after mind you some 20 years of being our customer my email address is not recognised. Trying to run a business – guys please can someone contact me so that I can log in!!!!!!!!

    • Gavin says:

      Hi, we have been on other calls for the last 70,000 minutes and we have only 1 indian staff member. You hung up on us so please call again and you will start at the back of the queue . thanks for your patients.

  7. Jasmine Beilby says:

    I purchased items off eBay and my payment went directly from “place order” to “paid” without being given the option of nominating which account I wanted the payment to be paid from – VERY ANNOYED as I can’t see which account t payment has been taken from! Not good enough Paypal and I won’t be using you or EBay ever again!

  8. Jasmine Beilby says:

    Great just found out it the payment came out of my mortgage account!! Definitely deleting both eBay and Paypal accounts

  9. Sarah says:

    I have Been waiting 45 mins to speak with someone (pay pal )

  10. Phil Abbey says:

    I can’t log in to my account to make purchases. When I try the asistance button, I end up getting into a loop requiring me to enter a code # that is either phoned to me or emailed, but it is not recognised when I enter it.

    When I go to the Help menu, it requires me to ‘log in’. A Catch 22. How in the hell am I to get assistance to log in if I have to ‘log in’ to get it?????????
    For goodness sake, there has to be a way to obtain help! This is so frustrating.

  11. May says:

    I have been on hold waiting to speak with someone for almost 40 minutes now. I am unable to transfer any funds from PayPal into my nominated bank account. Please assist me with my enquiry asap.

  12. Robert Weeks says:

    I’m in hospital contemplating a shorter lifespan. Tonight I wasted fully 90 minutes trying to pay $15 to one vendor in China. Wrong password. Reset password twice. Two phone calls to confirm password. Doesn’t recognise my address I’ve always used. Tried to change address in fields until it came good. Had to enter credit details every time, lost count of that. Couldn’t scroll or change pages, ie; Amend address. How do I get back to that page? Next time I will email a friend in China, I bet he’ll be quicker and more reliable. Stuff you Pay Pal. All I got was some extra Valium

  13. Maree Fitzpatrick says:

    I am having trouble using PayPal, not sure whether it is due to email address or password.
    You seem to have two email addresses for me.
    I have tried to change my password but PayPal will only send emails regarding changing my password to my old email address and hence any emails sent by PayPal do not reach me.
    The fact that it not possible to talk to anyone makes it very frustrating.

  14. Charles Richard Shelley says:

    I have not bought anything on ebay for many months but in the meantime I have changed my address (previously Temora,2666) and have forgotten my password. I need to buy some toner cartridges.I also have a new email address as listed below.

  15. Charles Richard Shelley says:

    Thank you. Can you please tell me how I can operate my account? My mobile number has not changed

  16. Anton says:

    Was on hold for 20 mins then when they answered hung up!

  17. David E Clark says:

    I wish to report a possible security breach to my account but I keep getting put through to a person overseas whom I cannot understand I have hung on for an hour waiting to talk to someone then I cannot understand them I wish to speak to someone in Australia not the Phillipines.Please reply to this ASP

  18. charles pak says:

    I have changed new email address and password and all old and new address as well as passpord have been confirmed via SMS. But all four emails have been returned unsucceful. In the interim, I have cancelled expensive AMEX card and only keeping alltimes free VISA Card only. But Westpac Bank cheque account remain still valid please. Expect your proper check and advice ASAP in advance to both old 96 and new [email protected] please. Regards, charles pak

  19. Jane Stops says:

    Even with the highest levels of security small business and residential online transactions are still very vulnerable. Hence my principle of doing no financial transactions online. However it is sometimes unavoidable. I set up an account which I have not yet used but want there for the odd occasion. I got an SMS the other day querying this matter. Is there any way by snail mail, by phone or in person that this can be done? I do not want any link to a bank account or credit card that can be traced online. I recently got caught in a situation where I had no alternative and have had to change all bank accounts and numbers. PS I lost acct my paypal acct number in an encrypted file which was sabotaged so will need to ask it again.

  20. Cess Black says:

    How stupid is this service really it should be banned it has sent me an email saying that my account is limited and I can not make purchases on eBay they send mail to my email address saying to login and rectify the problem I go to log in and whammy there is no account linked to my email address so how on earth did they get my email address you pack of morons

  21. Peter Williamson says:

    How do I create a PayPal account?

  22. Joseph Hagan says:

    Hi, We are at the end of September 2016 And I cannot believe I am having this problem that so many others are having. I made a purchase 24 hours ago and it worked fine. Today, with the same email address and password, it doesn’t work. I am wanting to make another purchase and have spent the last three hours trying. Changing password did not work. WHY???????

  23. Lindsay Guy says:

    Setting up a shopping cart and along with a name it asks for a value please can anyone help me on what I put in the value section of the shopping cart to make it work

  24. Arthur Starr says:

    I have a problem with a purchase of cameras for my cars from MyHandy360. Received email today after waiting about six weeks for the items to arrive informing me that they can’t fulfill this order,. Full payment was made through PayPal but they are saying that PayPal has closed their account ??
    And they can’t ship the items.
    As I’m and overseas for a few weeks and can’t, log in to my account due to password problem?? And don’t have access to the phone number at the moment that PayPal wants to send reset numbers to fix the password !!?
    Please advise. Thanks

  25. Janet Schaefer says:

    I have been trying to log into PayPal and keep getting the message ‘Is this your account’ or something similar. This also happened a couple of days ago, but let me in yesterday. What is the problem?

  26. Rob Newman says:

    One minute everythi g is great next you will not except my password to my email so i cannot pay for product.I am also unable to contact anyone to sort this out.This is just a weak service that i will now stay away from.Get you shit together paypal.You have now lost a customer not that you care

  27. Chad says:

    How do i change the password that i have?

  28. Patrick Elkington says:

    My credit card has been used by PayPal for a purchase that was not made by me. Please phone me on 0409392677 to resolve this matter. I want to cancel my PayPal account completely.

  29. Robin says:

    Paypal your service sucks!!! big time…as already mentioned several time here at one time your paypal account and password is ok.. the next minute it says …cannot log into your account… then try to send an email and they have to log in to send an email …guys get your shit together… this is a catch 22 ..what is it?… to dumb?… I cant even get my money out of my account..been sending you 3-4 emails answer?… no speak english? hablo inglese?…nix sprechen english?… you are very unprofessional and I will avoid you as much as possible …just stop stealing my money!… take your finger out of you a..hole and THINK..YOUR customers pay your wages!

  30. Sarah says:

    Can someone call me regarding my account. It is saying the email address is not recognised. I have been on hold for 45 min

  31. alby Iaconis says:

    How do I stop an automatic payments

  32. Kurt Southam says:

    Why does it take so long for Paypal to answer the phone?! over half an hour i’ve been on the phone with voice that doesn not shutup! centerlink is better on the phone than Paypal.

    all i want to do is just unlock my account!

  33. D .aquilina says:

    Your customer service is a joke , why carn’t one speak to a human . Maybe your not making enough money.

  34. Ronald F Kocinski A/K/A Duke Bannister says:

    I’m trying to purchase another copy of my film “The Great Air Race” but your DVD Warehouse will not accept my usual login details?

  35. Janet Hanson says:

    I keep getting emails to verify my account – I have never operated one. Please delete anything in this name – trying this way as this is the 3rd time I have made the request.

  36. Have purchased a handbag on eBay paid PayPal. Bag damaged in transit. It was returned by courier. Seller refuses to send refund back to my PayPal. account. Can’t reach eBay or PayPal for any refund. Fraud fraud fraud. We’re is the money back policy. To much money to let slip away.

  37. Mervyn Smith says:

    I filed a claim for the non-delivery of goods. I received a request from PayPal for more supporting information. I can not work out how to send a text reply. I can send image files but I cannot figure out how to compile and send text. It is virtually impossible to find an email address for PayPal where I can get help. All that is provided is stock standard replies that do not cover my problem. How can I send text information to PayPal with respect to my claim?


    I have NOT renewed a years subsciption to but I believe I have been charged for it??? I did NOT request a recharge please check and verify a refund as soon as possble’
    Vimeo is not required by myself as I DO NOT USE IT .

    Thankyou for your attention

  39. peter says:

    purchased a part from partzilla then told three dats later they are out of stock and i have to wait longer than they origionaly stated , can i cancelle the order get refund and deal with some one who cares.

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