Southern California Edison Customer Service

Southern California Edison Customer Service

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About Southern California Edison Customer Service
Southern California Edison customer service, which is the largest subsidiary of ‘Edison International’, has its headquarters in Rosemead, California. This primary electricity supply company of Southern California is providing electricity for about 14 million people across a service territory which is around 50,000 square miles. This unit owns all of ‘ts electrical transmission facilities as well as equipments though it has sold many of its power plants in the late 1990s. Apart from power plants, Southern California Edison is operating a regulated gas, as well as a water utility. Southern California Edison is the only commercial provider of natural gas as well as fresh water service in the ‘Santa Catalina Island’ in the names of “Catalina Island Gas Company” and “Catalina Island Water Company”.

Services Offered by Southern California Edison Customer Service
The services that are being offered by Southern California Edison customer service can be broadly categorized as home and business services. Under the home services section, customers can avail the services like budget assistant, solar thermal rebate, solar homes partnership, home energy upgrade, summer discount plans, multifamily property resource center, manufactured home rebates, energy saving tips, help with your bolls, CARE/FERA, energy assistance fund, energy savings assistance program, medical baseline, making your home more efficient, electric vehicles, self-generation incentives, grid interconnections, rate plans, classes and events, and many more. Under the business section, the customers can avail services like account benefits, energy efficiency express solutions, energy efficiency customized solutions, discount plans, building improvement, solar and solar thermal rebate, savings by business type, tools and resources like business energy advisor, SCE Energy Manager, Cool Planet, consulting services, rate plans for small, medium and large vehicles, classes and events and many more.

Contacting Southern California Edison Customer Service
If you are looking to contact Southern California Edison customer service, dial 1-800-655-4555 or TTY 1-800-352-8580 if you are an English speaking customer.

More Information On Southern California Edison Customer Service Contact
The contact page of the website is containing different phone numbers that are to be used by different language speaking customers. In the page, one can also find the link for sending an e-mail to the customer care department and also the postal addresses for sending mails.

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